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Burnout in the Healthcare Field: 4 Ways to Cope

Date published: March 15, 2014

What's the best way to cope with nurse burnout and stress?

Nurse burnout. It’s a common expression heard by nurses across the county, usually in the form of, “I’m just burned out.” Long hours, night shifts, and trying to balance work and family can all contribute to nurse burnout. But what do you do when your livelihood is just the thing that is causing you stress and exhaustion? Take a different approach to your career and outlook. Here are four ways to cope and get ready to be stress-free:


Why did you become a nurse in the first place? Was it caring for others? Because of your love for science? Find the reason you truly fell in love with nursing, and connect with it again. Looking inside yourself can help you understand where your passion truly lies, as well as what action you need to take to get back on track.


After you’ve taken inventory on your commitment to nursing and you can’t kick the burnout blues, maybe it is time for a change, and there are plenty of options for nurses out there beyond just switching to a different shift time. Moving into different kinds of positions outside of the hospital allows you to take a break from the facility setting, all while using your nursing skills.


Sometimes all it takes is just some good old fashioned time off. Stat Staff fosters an environment that encourages and respects the time as a tool for keeping nurses healthy and productive. Consider moving to per diem work. A per diem schedule allows you to pick the days you can work, with no obligation to work days you can’t, allowing proper time for you to recharge.

Reach out

Talk to your nursing supervisor or your recruiter. Reach out and talk about how you feel. At Stat Staff, we encourage our nurses to keep communication open. If there is an issue or if you’re feeling a little run down, talk to us. Maybe all you needed was to talk out what you’re feeling, or getting others involved can help get the issue resolved.

In the game of feeling burnout, the critical solution here is to consider your options, be open to change, and know that you can overcome it.

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