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Meet Kelly – Vice President of Client Relations

Date published: August 13, 2021

If you're in need of great healthcare providers at your facility, Kelly King can create a customized plan to staff quality nurses and allied health professionals at the bedside.

Kelly has more than 48 years in healthcare administration and recruiting. She began her career in the nursing and physical rehabilitation industry in the early 1980s as Director of Trucare Rehabilitation, and transitioned to physician recruitment in the late 90’s, where she had been for the last 33 years with two of the largest recruiting firms in the US, Merritt Hawkins and Jackson Healthcare. Coming back to nursing and allied health was always the end goal.

As the Vice President of Client Relations, she has a keen ability to solve problems and would love to help your facility minimize risk, lower staffing costs while maintaining quality. Please reach out to her at 210-468-1560 directly to schedule your consult or fill out the form below:


My name is Kelly King. And I am the vice president of client development.

I’m the one who brings in the contracts and negotiates those contracts with the hospitals to try to bring in the highest quality caregivers to those hospitals that we deal with. Some of the reasons you would want to work with Davin Workforce Solutions.

I would say the number one reason is that we have one of the largest bandwidths available. So the access to more candidates gives us the ability to staff that need a lot faster.

We also hold ourselves to a much higher standard. We are joint commission accredited. We take very good care of our caregivers, so they like to work with us. We provide them with a lot more educational opportunities. We give them direct deposit. They get vacation days. They get a lot of the same benefits that we do as full-time employees.

And it makes for a better relationship with our clients as well because when you have happy caregivers and they’re happy with their employers whether that be with us or one of our subcontractors they will stay in the industry a lot longer.

I encourage people to give me a call, even if it is just to find out a little bit more about the industry. This service works for anyone. A lot of people will say “Well we are critical access, we’re too small”. No client is too small for us to help.

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