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Being an Agency Nurse vs. Being a Staff Nurse

Date published: March 3, 2014

What's the difference between being an agency nurse and a staff nurse?

When a nurse first contemplates joining a nursing agency, they might start with a lot of questions -- most notably -- why would I want to join an agency? Or, what can nurse agencies do for me that’s different from a hospital job?

For one, it’s essential to understand what a nurse agency is. Stat Staff is an agency that allows hospitals to get staff when they desperately need it. In case of a high census or general shortage, agency nurses are there to assist the hospital and offer their services to help keep patient safety in check.

But being an agency nurse doesn’t just benefit the hospital. Nurses decide to join agencies for several reasons:

  • Agency nurses tend to be paid higher than hospital staff RNs
  • Agency nurses usually have a more flexible schedule compared to staff RNs
  • There are a lot of jobs to choose from for agency nurses: lots of hospitals that offer per diem, as well as many contracts to choose from, all over the country
  • Agency nurses can take advantage of many benefits that the hospital can’t offer, such as different wellness benefits, flexible time off, and rewards programs, all of which Stat Staff offers

The bottom line is this: agency RNs typically receive higher pay and benefit from a more flexible schedule than hospital RNs.  So which route is the better option for you? Call us today to speak with a recruiter to get a better idea of what is meant to be an agency nurse, and what Stat Staff is all about.

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