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Closer to the Goal: 46er Challenge Update

Date published: August 19, 2021

David Theobald, CEO and Owner of Davin Healthcare, recently ventured into the Adirondacks again to bring himself closer to achieving his goal of becoming a “46er.”

How do you become a “46er?” No big deal, just climb all 46 Adirondack High Peaks. Easy, right? Not even a little. The shortest of the high peaks is 3,820ft and the tallest tickles the heavens at 5,344ft. Climbers need to train both mind and body to surmount the physical and mental challenges each unique mountain throws down.

And with each mountain David climbs, he has committed to sponsoring a $1000 scholarship for students pursuing a career in the healthcare field.

On August 7, 2021, David and his son, Michael, took on the Dix Range and climbed an impressive five mountains, bringing his overall count to 38 peaks. With only eight high peaks left to climb, he took some time to write about his latest outing and share a bit about the challenges and rewards of each hike:

“My journey this past weekend took myself and son Michael to complete the Dix Range, a 15.2-mile loop hike, and 5,196ft elevation gain. While reviewing the writeups on the mobile application All Trials®, I found many hikers referencing the Dix Range as a strenuous and long hike that was rewarding, with panoramic and spectacular views along the entire journey. Many will argue, and I agree, these are some of the best views in the Northeast.

“If you do this hike, one is able to climb 5 high peak mountains in one long day! These include Macomb Mountain, Grace Peak, Carson Peak (formerly South Dix), Hough Peak, and Dix Mountain.

“We decided to leave early as we read the parking lot at Elk Lodge fills up fast. Even with a 5 am start on a Saturday morning, we needed to park at the second lot roughly 2.3 miles from the trailhead. Although this would add another 4.6 miles to the hike and just shy of 20 miles overall, it wasn’t going to get in our way of completing this journey. 

“We decided to take this hike clockwise and headed up the Beckhorn path and over Beckhorn rock, and then over to Dix Mt. In retrospect, we probably should have taken Hunters Pass and climbed Macomb first via the Slide Brook herd path. This would have been a much easier approach and easier descent with less scrambling down steep slides of Macomb Mt.

“On our journey, we encountered many determined and exhausted hikers all seeking the reward of the amazing views and conquering the Dix range. At the end of our 20 miles and 11.5 hours of hiking, the reward was plentiful in our overwhelming feelings of accomplishment. This also placed us at 38 peaks, with eight high peaks on the radar to plan and complete.

“Lastly, with each hike, I often try to imagine and relate each mile to the sacrifices and challenges of our caregivers on the frontlines, along with the patients and family members they care for each day. For me, each weary step and elevation gain brings new insights and lessons learned in life and business. During times of uncertainty, the ability to find that inner strength and perseverance to get over life’s many hurdles and obstacles is paramount to overcome the different challenges we face in life.”

While he has only eight mountains left until he’s achieved the honor of being a “46er,” David still has a lot of work ahead. Follow his updates on our 46er Education Challenge page to stay up-to-date on his progress.



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