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Dylan LaFave

Dylan describes himself as a “student for forever” with a love for learning that drives all aspects of his life. He is always willing to learn or try something new and expand his knowledge. He has a range of experience spanning from his early days working retail, banking, and sales, through college as a literary English major, and into his professional development in customer support/account management. In his eyes, everyone is your customer and every customer is unique; their needs come first. His career development took him through many different industries before landing in the healthcare staffing world. Before joining the Stat Staff Professionals and Davin Workforce Solutions team, Dylan worked for a high-volume freight brokerage company as an account manager and customer service representative, coordinating logistics for over twenty diverse, high-profile customers. Given the unpredictability of the trucking industry, Dylan worked tirelessly to ensure that at the end of the day the customer had solutions to their problems and that they were completely satisfied. Dylan brings this mindset with him to the healthcare technology field where he works with end users to make sure their questions or concerns are thoroughly answered in an effective and timely manner. He also works to test changes in the software to ensure intended functionality and to identify potential bugs. He works side by side with the developers to make sure all enhancement requests and bug reports are escalated and addressed.

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